Year number two under my belt, 16th for this bike. #ragbrai #thanksmom

Hawaiians don’t give a fuck.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Act 50 [x]

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Magic prince—-witch castor girl alternator


fave babes

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This #aceventura inspired #sticknpoke is probably one of the best I’ve done.

16 mm pinhole


the last one is a really quick drawing of the area across the street from “my porch”

Interview I did with saxophonist Pete Balisteri. He is easily one of the most wonderful people I have ever met, and has truly had some amazing experiences. This is just an attempt to capture one.

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I’ve been trying to modify my boles 16mm camera into a pinhole camera…..having mixed results. But, it’s been nothing short of exciting. When I began researching it awhile ago, I discovered there wasn’t a lot of information on how exactly anyone made the camera. But there was a lot of conversation on how one could. The variables have been, to say the least, had to control (i.e. exposure, ISO, frame rate). But, regardless i’ve been getting images.  results to come…

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